Now the world pay attention digital currency exchange ASP "PLAT GATE" born.

Do you start using business with blockchain technology?

Real ASP provided by AIM GATE of the digital currency exchange Currently supports English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.(As of August 2018)

will realize business using block chain technology as below.

  • Entry as digital currency exchanges.
  • Introduced block chain technology to currently operated content.
  • Introduce digital currency as the currency used in casino.
  • Real money, vote by digital currency at fan site such as idle.

It is a safe and convenient function that is possible only because you are using the AIM GATE system with a track record as a virtual currency exchange.

1 Currency trading function.
Digital currency exchange function.
It is a board function that can confirm the selling method and the quotation value of buying method and the sale order status so that currency trading can be done smoothly.
Setting up a new currency listing.
Currently, many currencies are issued in the digital currency, and new currencies are born one after another.It makes it possible to handle those new currencies at their exchanges.
deposit / withdrawal function.
At the present stage, the virtual currency plays a large role as investment target and smooth deposit / withdrawal is required for smooth transaction.PLAT GATE realized advanced deposit and withdrawal functions based on the achievement as a virtual currency exchange.
Fiat deposit support.
It is a function to accept deposit processing in each country's currency.
Multi Signature Support.
In the block chain, there is a mechanism that can not proceed unless multiple agreements can be obtained by using multiple signatures called multi signatures by applying electronic signature.This function is implemented to ensure strong security.
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2 Promotion function.

It is a function not only for providing trading functions but also for attracting customers who are indispensable for expanding business and success.

Advertising agency management screen.

Collaboration with advertising agency companies is essential in acquiring new users, which is the essential part of their business.PLAT GATE has an advertisement management screen for sharing the promotion effect with the advertising agent company.

Advertisement code issue function.

It is a function to correctly measure the effect which is important for promotion.It plays an important role in promoting efficient promotion without leaving it to agents.

Third Generation Affiliate Function.

Apart from the promotion method of purchasing traditional advertising space, buzz marketing such as a word-of-mouth that became very important in recent years It is a function to manage introducers and add rewards to accelerate that "bazuli(buzz)".

AirDrop function.

It is a function to give virtual currency to users.It is one of the very effective functions for raising its own contents.Various ways of utilizing it, according to various operation methods.It is a function that can be used.

Mail distribution function by language.

There are no borders in the virtual currency.In PLAT GATE, mail can be delivered in the language that matches the user by identifying the user for each country and for each language.

3 ICO function

We also implement necessary functions for new listing.

Coin Wallet.
When participating in ICO, you need a coin wallet to receive coins separately from the exchange's address. Cool wallet will be offered at PLAT GATE as a new entry support for ICO participants.
Coin management screen.
I will issue a management screen of the coins I did ICO. By doing this, it is possible to manage the issue number and manage the amount.
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4 User support function.
It is also a function active in online gaming with high affinity with block chain technology, casino and cloud funding etc as well as the management of exchanges.
1.Login Bonus Setting.
Gaming is a feature that gives the virtual currency by logging in to the content by the user.You can use it according to the management style of the business operator, such as currency and frequency to be given.
2.Dump function.
For example, you can dump a virtual currency when a user cheers to your favorite idol at an idol fan site.
3.Multilingual chat function
Enriching content is directly related to increasing transactions and increasing sales.Therefore, PLAT GATE has adopted a chat function that enables multilingual conversation within content.

Not only function but PLAT GATE

so it is possible to do 3 block support service that leads successful block service.

1.Agent services available to users all over the world.

PLAT GATE will solve the language barrier that makes it easy for the company to manage virtual currency exchanges, conduct business such as online games and casinos.

By giving customer support work to PLAT GATE, business owners can concentrate on the management and promotion of their own contents.

2.ICO Coordinator Business.

To be successful among numerous ICOs, attracting customers and topicality are important.PLAT GATE consults everything related to the creation of wallets, promotion, and ICO from issuing coins of their own, leading to success.

3.Support for buying virtual currency, consulting.

In casino management we will exchange coins used for trading with basic currency and pay users.

In that case the amount of transactions is expected to be enormous, so there may be time and risks involved in the exchange. In PLAT GATE, as well as consulting for buying and selling of virtual currencies, we also support purchasing at our company, so we can pay customers without delay.

Case study of PLAT GATE.

New entrants to exchanges in virtual currency.

Since it fulfills all necessary functions as an exchange in virtual currency, we can focus on management.

The challenge is to attract customers and increase transaction volumes but differentiate themselves from other companies with functions and services unique to AIM GATE, which is a virtual currency exchange that combines entertainment and media promotion that are distinct from existing exchanges It is possible to do the operation you did.

Introduction to game site.

You can make it possible to purchase the points of the game in virtual currency, or you can make a return with virtual currency at the return event to the user.

As well as topicality, processing speed is fast, because it is a currency common to the whole world, affinity with online games is very high, and the introduction of virtual currency into game content is drawing attention in the future.

Introduction to online casino.

The casino industry where there are many restrictions on the use of credit cards and deposits of legal currencies is expected to have high affinity with virtual currency and improve user convenience.

Also, through purchase support and consulting, which is unique to PLAT GATE, the risk of exchange to the core currency, which is a barrier to introduction, will be reduced and spreading is expected.

Introduction to idol fan sites.

By using the virtual currency as a throw to the idle, the user can easily cheer without cash transfer or card information input.

As convenience improves and easiness increases, it will lead to better motivation for users to participate, and eventually the number of idle calls will increase, which will make it possible to fund more idle activities.

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Company infomation

Company Name Zhong Ri system Integration Limited
CEO Toru Kitamura
Address 2a Load Street, Douglas,Isle of Man IM99 1HP